Fleet Racing


Technical rigging set up and adjustments
Pre-race routines
Starting in big fleets (mixed class and one class fleets)
Boat handling for big fleets, first beat decisions.
Tacking and gybing for speed.
Trapeze techniques
Spinnaker handling (double-luff, Pole spinnaker)
Boat speed vs height decisions.  – modes
Mark rounding, tactics and techniques
Using the rules.     Fitness.
Capsize and recovery techniques

Weather systems, geography, wind oscillations, Wind variations and “local knowledge”, sailing in the Nationals course area.

The Fleet racing program is designed to develop teams (skipper and crew) to be able to perform creditably in a National Contest.

There is both a summer and winter course.  Best results have been achieved by starting in the Winter program and carrying on through the Summer courses with the goal of competing in the Nationals.  Joining up after you have had a season in another yacht after your optimist sailing seems most productive.  The courses are demanding and confidence in controlling a yacht is pretty important as you will have a spinnaker and trapeze to contend with.

Most recent group began in May of 2016 and qualified at the 2017 Nationals in March for the NZ Team to the 420 World Championship in Fremantle during Christmas New Year period 2018.  Congratulations.

We hope that you have fun and enjoy yourself and develop your skills to perform well at that level. Come join us.