Fleet Racing with TRIYA (National Championship Training)

Fleet Racing is for year 9-13 students who are competent sailors to progress to racing with trapeze and spinnaker. Be focused on skill development to sail in the National contest 2019.  

Best results have been achieved by starting in the Winter program and carrying on through the Summer courses with the goal of competing in the Nationals.

Our 2016-17 course resulted in our participants qualifiying for the 420 World Championships, in Fremantle summer 2017-2018.

Andre VanDam, a graducate of the 2016-17 courses, is the 2020 420’s National Champion.

2021 Nationals Course Outline

  • Technical rigging set up and adjustments
  • Pre-race routines
  • Starting in big fleets (mixed class and one class fleets)
  • Boat handling for big fleets
  • First beat decisions
  • Tacking and gybing for speed
  • Trapeze techniques
  • Spinnaker handling (double-luff, Pole spinnaker)
  • Boat speed vs height decision – modes
  • Mark rounding
  • Tactics and techniques
  • Using the rules
  • Fitness
  • Capsize and recovery techniques
  • Self assessments
  • Weather systems, geography, wind oscillations, Wind variations and “local knowledge”
  • Pre-race briefing and post-race debrief
  • Sailing in the Nationals course area, where possible
  • The Fleet racing program is designed to develop teams (skipper and crew) to be able to perform creditably in a National Contest.

The program is coached by YNZ qualified instructors.

Yearly Course Format

Winter: Course begins the 1st Saturday of May and runs till the last Saturday of August. Starting 9am and includes Evans Bay Racing in the afternoons
There are about 5 weeks of sessions prior to the Evans Bay Winter Series starting mid June running every second week.  Structure is basically training 5 weeks then alternating training and racing days once the Evans Bay Winter Series Starts.

Summer Pre Christmas: Course begins first Saturday of Term 4 and runs till just before Christmas.

Summer Post Christmas: Course begins first Saturday Term 1 for the whole Term.

Cost and payment

The cost for the 2020 Fleet Racing WINTER PROGRAM is $300 per course payable before the second day of the course. No refunds will be given unless the course doesn’t go ahead.

Course size

Min 6 sailors, 3 boats – Max 12 sailors, 6 boats

Enrol now

What do you need?

All participants must be able to swim 50m confidently. You need to have completed at least, a learn to sail course and become a competent sailor for graduation to trapeze and spinnaker.  Be focused on skill development to sail in the National contest 2019. Enroll and pay the fees before the first day of the course. As well as completing the parental consent below.

It is hoped that sailors will sail their own boats generally during the season, however, a TRIYA 420 may be chartered by course members for the course. Replacement of lost spinnaker poles, repairs to spinnakers and damage due to mistreatment or negligence, (eg Damage caused by Sailing without rudder hold down pin) is sailors cost.

Parent/Guardian Consent

I understand that reasonable safety measures are in place at the Sailing Club/TRIYA, but there is some risk involved and my teenager will need to exercise common sense and self-discipline, and take heed of the instructions of the coach.  A “life jacket” (buoyancy aid) will be worn at all times while on the water. Sailors are expected to assist until all gear has be washed and put away.  Sailors need to speak to the Coach/Manager before they leave.

Gear List

For sailing in

  • Standard Sailing gear
  • Starting watch
  • UHF radio and dry bag for the radio
  • 2017-2020 rule book
  • Note book/log book

After Sailing

  • Towel
  • Change of  warm dry clothes, including a jacket.  It gets cold in the late afternoon!
  • A drink bottle
  • Food for before and after sailing.


We have 2 coaching safety boats for our coaches that keep a watchful eye on you while you’re on the water. Buoyancy aids must be worn by everyone at all times, TRIYA supplies these if you don’t have one. 20 knots is the cut off for cancellation of LTS as judged by our experienced coaches.

View the 2019 –TRIYA Risk Management Plan


We expect sailors to be careful with the sailboats to keep them in good condition. Sailors will be briefed and learn safe sailing practices while using TRIYA boats. Should there be an incident, resulting in damage due to negligence or undue care; there will be a report. The skipper and crew are liable for up to $500 in costs to repair any damage.

420 Events

2020:  AON clinics in Wellington form part of the coaching program, but may require a small fee if required by YNZ.

  • AON Clinic late winter Wellington.
  • AON Clinic Mid December Wellington.
  • OceanBridge NZL Regatta 1-3 Feb, Manley.
  • Wellington Schools Regatta 12 February, Paremata.
  • Lower North Island NZ Teams Racing regatta 79 March Evans Bay Wellington.
  • NZ 420 Nationals 12 15 March Evans Bay, Wellington.
  • Evans Bay Regatta, 22 March.

Chartering: If you don’t have your own 420

  • A TRIYA 420 may be chartered by enrolled course members.
  • The Charter fee is $500, per boat (cost per sailor, $250) for the course days including for the Evans Bay Racing and is payable at start of the charter.
  • A refundable bond of $500 is payable at start of the charter.*
  • An additional charter fee $75 is payable for any day the boat is away from Evans Bay.
  • Boats are allocated by the TRIYA Sailing Director.

When Chartering, Sailors will be allocated a boat. We expect sailors to be careful with the sailboat, to keep it in good condition, as if it were their own. Sailors will be briefed and learn safe sailing practice while using TRIYA boats. Should there be an incident(s), resulting in damage due to mistreatment, negligence or undue care, (eg Damage caused by sailing without rudder hold down pin, or failure to keep lookout) the skipper and crew are liable for up to $500 in costs per incident, to repair damage.

Replacement of lost spinnaker poles, repairs to spinnakers is sailors cost, not taken from the bond.

Charter a TRIYA 420 online

Charter a boat