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Sailing is easy. It is learning to read the wind that is challenging. You can not see the wind. You can only see results of the wind. You must train your eye to look for wind indicators. Some wind indicators to look for while on or near the water are: flags, smoke, anchored boats, throw sand in the air, long hair and ripples on the water. You can also use your boat to find the wind if necessary. Let the main sail out completely, turn the boat until the boom comes in over the center of the boat.The front of the boat is now pointed at the wind direction. Ripples on the water are one of the best natural wind indicators because they are around you all the time and they also help estimate the wind speed. The bigger the ripple, the stronger the wind.

WEATHER– Predict Wind

WEATHER – Met Service Current Wind Speeds and Directions for Wellington

TIDES Download Tide tables from Land Information NZ

WIND GURU Long Range Forecasts from Victory University

SATELLITE NOOA Satellite images from Land care Research

NOOA WIND Current and Historical wind speeds and directions for Wellington

VIRTUAL BUOY NZ virtual buoys from buoy

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Titahi Bay Boating Club

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Wellington Yachting Association

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