Teams Racing

Lower North Island Teams Racing regatta 7,8,9 March 2020 at Evans Bay

Date Time Event
Saturday 7 March 2020 0830hrs Registration & Weigh-In
1000hrs Racing commences
Sunday 8 March 2020 0900hrs Racing continues
Monday 9 March 2020 0900hrs Racing continues (no race will start later than 1500hrs)
Prize giving to follow racing

NOR will be posted here

The course covers:

Safety in and around boats

Rigging and Boat set up

Adjustments: what and when to adjust

Capsize and recovery techniques

Starts and starting tactics

Rules and rules application.

Speed control to create situations. Eg Mark traps.

Boat handling, mark rounding.

Tactics, Boat positioning.

Magic number 10, Racing.

Teams Racing is about the APPLICATION of the rules to gain advantage for your team.

The very close short racing forces teams to plan and execute rules for boat position or avoidance decisions.

What is Teams Racing

Team racing, is a popular form of yacht racing worldwide. As opposed to fleet racing where boats are scored on an individual basis, in teams racing teams consisting 3 boats compete together to try and beat an opposing team. In fleet racing, spinnakers and Trapeze are not used.  The game relies on starting, boat speed and rules application.  As in fleet racing the low point scoring system is used. A boat is awarded points based on the place it finishes a race. For example a boat that finishes 1st earns 1 point, a boat that finishes 2nd earns 2 points, etc. In team racing the winning team is decided by adding together the places of all the boats in each team. The team with the fewest points wins. The team with the fewest points wins. 10 is a win, 11 a loss.

Teams Racing at TRIYA

TRIYA is committed to making college Teams Racing in Wellington a success. Any year 9-13 students at a wellington secondary school can enroll. Teams can consist of 6-8 able sailors from 1 college. 3 sailors per team need to be competent enough to skipper a boat while 3 crew may be less experienced. If your school can’t make a team mixed teams is also an option so If you want to have a go at teams racing then there is always an option for you.

Teams Racing is on Wednesdays after school 4-7pm during the school term.

However we can be flexible for you to join and sail a different day if need be, but it may not include teams racing.

We have recently re-introduced the TRIYA Intercollegiate Teams Racing competition which is aimed at all colleges in the Wellington region please read below for more information on this.  We’re always looking for sailors and teams to get involved so please read on and get involved in a fantastic sport!!


New to teams racing? TRIYA is seeking all able sailors who wish to have a go at this fantastic sport to enrol in our teams racing program. The program consists of after school weekday training in our 420‘s learning the skills of sailing and teams racing. There are also regattas that are run by TRIYA and others that teams can compete in.

Any years 9-13 students enrolled at secondary school here in Wellington can join. Although it is preferable that whole teams of 6 – 8 students from a single college join. We accept anybody who has already completed a learn to sail program and has some confidence already with sailing and wishes to compete in teams racing . All teams racing activities at TRIYA are structured to compliment any current sailing commitments you may have and no regular Teams Racing is held during Saturdays. This means that if you’re currently involved at another club in club racing you can still compete in teams racing without missing your commitments to your other club.

The cost for term 1 2020  Teams racing is $170 per student.

Team Racing Enrolment Form

The link below will take you to the Scots College website, where the enrolment form is currently hosted.


For sailing in

Warm layers (more than one) wool or poly-prop under togs or wet suit.  A wet suit would be great, but not essential. DO NOT WEAR COTTON

Old sneakers or wet suit booties.

Sun hat or warm hat depending on weather (tied on is good)

Although most experienced sailors bring their own, we can provide a windbreaker and a buoyancy aid.

After Sailing

Towel, change of  warm dry clothes, including a jacket.  It gets cold in the late afternoon !

A drink bottle

Food for before and after sailing.

Enrol now