About Us

The Tup Radford Intercollegiate Yachting Academy (TRIYA) was the brain wave of a past pupil of Scots College, Tup Radford, for the purposes of providing a programme to give school aged pupils the opportunity to try sailing as a sport. Through his generous support, the initial six sailing dinghies and coach boat were purchased and a programme set up to deliver a learn to sail after school programme. Over the past years, Tup Radford’s continued support has enabled this programme to continue with now 8 x 420 dinghies and two coach boats and a training shed at Evans Bay Yacht and Motor Boat Club. However with increasing costs, it is now difficult to expect one person’s generosity to cover all costs and now assistance of this worthwhile programme is required for its continued success.

Since 2003, TRIYA has given over 350 boys and girls from the Wellington Region the opportunity to learn to sail and participate in school sailing, club sailing, individual and team regional, national and international competition. This has been made possible through the generous support of a past sailor, Tup Radford, who initially purchased six secondary school boats. Over these past years his continued support has enabled this programme to run.

Our Mission:

To coordinate, encourage and assist college students to participate in yachting, by providing the best coaching and facilities TRIYA can reasonably afford. As well as to promote further participation and development in all aspects of yachting and boating outside of TRIYA.


About the 420 Sailing Dinghy

The 420 is an established worldwide performance two person trapeze and spinnaker racing dinghy.

There are 56,000 worldwide. This popular dinghy is sailed at school, club, open, national and international levels. There are often second hand boats available, many active clubs and excellent tuition for all levels. Many of our current Olympians, both men and women, came through the 420 class in their path to becoming Olympic heroes. Ref sailors in  470 both men and women, 49er, 49erfx,Nacra 17s and finn.

Built in buoyancy tanks make the boat very safe even when inverted. The 420 is the youth development boat in 43 countries around the world and on the ISAF Youth World Championship boat. Despite the emergence of newer commercial driven classes and asymmetric sails, the 420 is still the world’s top youth training boat.


Length 4.2 m

Beam 1.63 m

Mast 6.26 m

Sails Main 10.25m2, Jib 2.8 m2, Spinnaker 9 m2.

Bare hull weight 80 kg min

Sailing weight 100 kg min

The ideal competitive combined crew weight is 17 to 23 stone (110-145Kg).